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How Tech4All Initiative Is Helping Eradicate Digital Poverty: The Foresight Foundation & Russell WBHO Partner With INGEUS

Picture are (left to right): Roger Smith (Ingeus) , Ged Tod (Foresight) , Russell (Ingeus) , Oliva Lea (Russell WBHO) , Liesel McQueen (Russell WBHO) , Amanda Nellist (The Foresight Foundation)

In a collaborative effort to bridge the digital divide and empower communities, the Foresight Foundation, along with Russell WBHO are proud to announce their partnership with Ingeus, a leading provider of employability and human services, to donate laptops aimed at eradicating digital poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing inequalities, particularly in access to technology. Many individuals and families face significant barriers due to a lack of access to digital devices, hindering their ability to participate fully in education, employment, and other essential services.

Understanding the urgency of this issue, the Foresight Foundation has stepped forward to address this challenge with the help of the existing client base such as Russell WBHO. Through their generous donation, Ingeus will receive a substantial number of laptops, enabling them to provide vital support to individuals in need, ultimately fostering digital inclusion and enhancing opportunities for socio-economic advancement.

Commenting on the collaboration, Ged Tod from the Foresight Foundation stated, "Access to technology is no longer a luxury but a fundamental necessity in today's digital age. We are committed to leveraging our resources to empower underserved communities and create a more inclusive society."

Echoing this sentiment, Olivia Lea from Russell WBHO remarked, "As responsible corporate employers, we recognize the importance of investing in initiatives that have a meaningful impact on people's lives. By partnering with Ingeus, we aim to unlock new opportunities and break down barriers to success."

Ingeus, known for its dedication to supporting individuals in overcoming obstacles and realizing their full potential, expressed gratitude for the collaboration. "We are thrilled to receive this generous donation from the Foresight Foundation and Russell WBHO," said Roger Simpson. "These laptops will play a pivotal role in our efforts to empower individuals and families, ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital revolution."

The partnership between the Foresight Foundation, Russell WBHO, and Ingeus exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing pressing societal challenges. By working together, these organizations are not only providing immediate relief but also laying the groundwork for a more equitable and inclusive future.

For more information about the Foresight Foundation, please visit For more information about Russell WBHO, please visit For more information about Ingeus, please visit

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