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We’re always looking ahead to ensure that everything we do is completely aligned with your wider business goals so that IT services can be a contributing factor to your growth and future success.


Foresight is essential in every aspect of a business. Whether implementing a strategy, delivering a project or simply procuring top-quality technology, we can help you get there.

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Why work with us?

Everyone needs a little foresight. And we have it in spades.


IT Consultancy.

Need a second opinion before you make any big changes? Our seamless, five-step process can help. We’ll tailor our level of consultancy to suit your needs, from ad-hoc advice to a fully-managed implementation.


IT Strategy.

Working in close partnership with our senior consultants, we’ll help you achieve your business goals by developing a clear-cut, transformative strategy that will deliver results.


Project Delivery.

We provide specialist project management and delivery across a range of areas, including installations, backups and continuity, virtualisation and more.



We work with industry-leading manufacturers to supply your full range of IT and communications solutions.

Our accreditations with the world’s largest IT brands mean you’ll only get the best.


Without the information already on hand, an IT audit can be a time-consuming manual task or require investment in IT auditing software.

Understand your existing setup.

Gain a better understanding of the current setup. Foresight will provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth report on the current state of your systems.

Solve performance problems.

If you’re experiencing slow performance, or if you want to identify bad internet connections and routing loops, then an audit can help. It can also troubleshoot issues with your servers or workstations.

Reduce IT support issues.

It’s critical that your computers are running the most up-to-date versions of software. With Foresight, you can rest assured that patching is up-to-date, and gain confirmation that your systems are uniform.

Cyber Security.

Find loopholes and weaknesses in your infrastructure – ensure that the latest anti-virus and threat management tools and updates are running.

Get the best from your systems.

Is your business equipped for hybrid working? Use an IT audit as the basis for moving forward and improving the agility, efficacy and performance of your systems.


Let's Work Together.

Foresight is a customer-focused technology company dedicated to delivering value-added services by providing our customers with a simple user experience combined with powerful technology and a highly skilled team.


We are happy to take responsibility for your entire operation or fill in where you need extra help – we can tailor our solution to fit your needs.


One Partner. Limitless Possibilities.

It’s been a challenging time for businesses and organisations, but whatever your plans are for the future, we’re here to help.


You're in the driving seat with support across security, backup & disaster recovery, networking, data, the cloud, and more. We’re here to set you up for success.

Need Additional Add-ons?

  • Out-of-hours support

  • Bespoke SLAs 

  • On-site technical staff

  • Bespoke processes to align with your requirements

  • Cyber Security Accreditation

  • Managed Cyber Security Services

  • Bespoke Broadband & Telephony Packages

  • Networking

  • Procurement of IT Equipment

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