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Managed Business Comms.

We help businesses
communicate better.

It’s what helps you make meaningful connections with customers, employees and partners. Our managed communication services are second to none and can be delivered to meet your individual business requirements.

Whatever you need, we can help you on your journey to next-generation communications. The future looks bright, and we're here to bring it to you.
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Why work with us?

Everyone needs a little foresight. And we have it in spades.

All under one roof.

Switching to Foresight means you get access to a company that knows how to bring together all the components - from Managed IT, and routing to voice and internet services. Have the peace of mind that it's all under one roof.


Tailored Soloutions.

We’re flexible and intelligent, two qualities that will always benefit your business in the long run. We tailor all our packages to fulfil your business’s specific needs and leave them flexible to scale up and down as you need.


Reduced costs.

Our best-in-class IT systems and infrastructure mean that you’re assured of maximum uptime, minimum down time and cost savings across the board.


Amazing Customer Service.

We consistently strive to offer excellent service to our customers. Our friendly and professional staff go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly the support you’re looking for!


Provider Relationships.

We have partnerships and accreditations with some of the UK’s leading industry bodies, meaning we can provide enhanced technical support and preferential pricing. 



Voice and collaboration solutions for every business.

Take your business communication to the next level with a VoIP phone. It does everything your traditional phone system can – but it's hosted in the cloud. That means you'll spend less money on hardware and maintenance and have more flexibility to take calls from wherever you are. 

Foresight helps you stay connected to your customers and improve your team's communication with digital voice solutions and collaboration tools.

Let's Work Together.

Foresight is a customer-focused technology company dedicated to delivering value-added services by providing our customers with a simple user experience combined with powerful technology and a highly skilled team.


We are happy to take responsibility for your entire operation or fill in where you need extra help – we can tailor our solution to fit your needs.


One Partner. Limitless Possibilities.

It’s been a challenging time for businesses and organisations, but whatever your plans are for the future, we’re here to help.


You're in the driving seat with support across security, backup & disaster recovery, networking, data, the cloud, and more. We’re here to set you up for success.

Need Additional Add-ons?

  • Leased Lines

  • Full Fibre Packages

  • Remote 4G/5G Solutions

  • Secure Guest/Customer WIFI

  • Out of Hours Support

  • Conferencing Solutions

  • Business Mobiles

  • VoIP Packages which are ideal for working-from-home solutions.

  • Call Recording

Free Communications Audit.

Find out if you could reduce costs, streamline services and improve efficiency.

Are you paying more than you should for your current setup?


At Foresight, we’re always looking to add value to our client's communications needs.


Our comms assessment is a great way to find out if the features and services of your current setup are still meeting the needs of your business or employees.

We can review any area of your communications infrastructure, including:

  • Phone Systems and Hardware

  • Hosted VoIP and SIP

  • Business Handsets and Supporting Plans

  • Connectivity and Internet Solutions

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