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We have been providing technical support, advice and guidance to schools and colleges for over 12 years and our team has extensive experience working in the education sector.

Our services remove the burden of technical support from teachers and school leaders, freeing them up to have more time to think strategically about using technology across all areas of curriculum learning, and using technology as a teaching aid to raise standards and inspire pupils and students.

Leadership and management

We develop and implement proven strategies to help staff feel encouraged and supported, by colleagues at all levels, in developing and sharing new ICT and computing practices with technology.

Use of technology in the curriculum

By introducing  known software and hardware into To what extent is the development of technology capability systematically mapped across the whole curriculum?

Delivering Teaching and learning – Computing Curriculum

Does the use of technology in and beyond school help pupils become more effective and confident learners? Using the correct technology which is reliable and easy to use will enhance childrens learning.

Assessment of Computing Skills

Is there effective assessment of progress in technology capability, of all groups of pupils?

Continuous Professional development

Can staff explain why and how they use technology in lessons and to support other aspects of their work? Having a well-planned and supported training programme with Foresight can improve staff confidence in using technology.

Connectivity and Hardware Resources

Are the right technology resources, including hardware and software for digital learning and school management, accessible in the right place at the right time? Are you computing devices connected to a robust and reliable network or WiFi system?

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